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We don't take our slogan, YOUR Business Brokers, lightly. At Lesdon & Associates, we are dedicated to YOUR needs as a current or future business owner

Whether buying a business or selling a business, going at it alone, so to speak, can be full of suprises and pitfalls. We are experienced business people who specialize in selling businesses and helping people interested in buying businesses. We know the current market conditions, pricing strategies and the process of selling a business and buying a business. Some of our services for individuals looking to sell a business or buy a business include the following:


Certified Business Valuation Report

Conducted by an experienced, independent, business appraisal firm under the USPAP standards. This Certified Business Valuation considers a wide range of factors in the general economy and the specific industry of the client. In addition, the business valuation staff researches other comparable transactions in order to meet the requirements of USPAP and establish a Fair Market Price for the business.

Marketing Report Profile

Lesdon & Associates business marketing consultants, with the assistance of the client, will create a Professional Business Profile that presents the business for sale in a clear and easily understandable format.


Worldwide Web Posting and Linking to Appropriate Sites

Lesdon & Associates internet marketing group will introduce the business for sale on the web in a confidential manner, including postings on over ten highly visited sites. Lesdon & Associates also hosts our own web site in our office and we are able to rapidly respond to the needs individuals inquiring about buying a business.

General Advertising

A media strategy to expose your business for sale to likely buyers will be created. Resources include on line marketing sites, local newspapers relevant to your business for sale and other appropriate print outlets.

Target Advertising

Advertising the business for sale in the appropriate trade journals and magazines.

Target Search

Lesdon & Associates database management experts will generate a list of individuals looking to buy a business within the appropriate industry. We have developed a database of over 5,000 individuals we have personally qualified over the last year alone. With the approval of the client, we will approach these targets, in a confidential manner, to measure their interest in a potential acquisition.


Buyer Screening

Most clients are interested in maintaining strict confidentiality during the business selling process.Lesdon & Associates requires that all interested buyers sign Confidentiality Agreements prior to receiving the Business Profile or learning the name and location of the business for sale.

Potential buyers are screened for possible conflicts, financial capability and level of interest. It is our objective to disclose the details of the business only to those buyers who have met our pre-screening requirements.

Buyer Management

Individuals buying a business have expectations and requirements that vary widely. Our experience allows us to quickly identify the needs of the buyer and, where appropriate, adapt our process or, where necessary, re-educate the buyer. We try to provide as much information and guidance as necessary for each stage of the process. When buying a business it is often overwhelming, and many times a buyer will engage the seller for inappropriate requests for information or detail. Lesdon & Associates will control the process to minimize the burden to the seller.

Buyer Commitment

Once a serious buyer is provided with the necessary information to make a commitment we encourage the buyer to make an offer on the business for sale. Usually this is in the form of a Letter of Intent or Offer to Purchase. We will work with the seller and buyer, and their attornies and/or accountant to evaluate the offer and make recommendations to improve the price or structure of the proposed deal. Our goal is to get an agreement on a Letter of Intent that is fair to both parties and is structured in a manner that will facilitate a smooth due diligence and closing process.


Due Diligence

Proper management of the due diligence process is critical. This phase is particularly difficult because an individual buying a business will now need to receive very sensitive information. Lesdon & Associates will coordinate this activity to minimize any potential disruption to the business for sale. Maintaining confidentiality at this point becomes very difficult. We will work with the buyer and his or her counsel and/or accountant to establish a manageable step-by-step guide to completing the due diligence on the business for sale in an efficient and timely manner.


Definitive Purchase Agreement

Upon completion of Due Diligence the process of completing the Definitive Purchase Agreement (DPA) begins. This agreement is the final binding agreement for the transfer of the business for sale. Lesdon & Associates works with the attorneys to get a good agreement that both the buyer and seller can sign.



If Phase I through V are properly completed the closing is largely a ceremonial event. Both the buyer and seller have achieved their objectives and are ready to transfer the business ownership.

Call Lesdon & Associates at our Dallas office 972-395-7220 to learn more about how we can help you in your transfer needs.

Lesdon & Associates has made no independent investigation or verification of information presented herein regarding business opportunities and makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of such information. Any information presented about business opportunities on this site by Lesdon & Associates has been prepared by or is based upon representations and information supplied by the Seller. This information is subject to change or withdrawal, without notice and may contain errors, and it is the sole and final responsibility of the buyer/reader to evaluate and verify such information and all other factors relating to the business. Any information on this site regarding the services of Lesdon & Associates is subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

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